Conversation with a videographer - The Singularity Booth Ep. 4

In this episode of "The Singularity Booth" series, join Zach and Nathaniel as they learn more about Mitch! A videographer who is 1/3 of the video team "Goof Off Collab"! Goof Off Colllab, is is a 3 person video team (Mitch/Colby/Cam) based out of Iowa! They specialize in music videos/podcasting etc!

Deconstructing "Butchers in The Basement" with Legible - The Singularity Booth Ep. 3

Midwest rapper Legible unpacks his recent installment: Butchers in the Basement. Serving as a spirutual successor to his previous collaborative album: Addicts in the Attic with rapper Tay Yung. Butchers in the Basement consists of 15 tracks. Heavy collaboration is explored throughout the album. 

Another chat with Your Scumbag Dad - Creative Freedom Universe: Ep. 4 

A chat with Komander Karl - Creative Freedom Univese: Ep. 3

Kommander Karl aka That One Reload guy; is a internet personality and video game 3D artist known for videos in which he reloads random items such as toasters, vacuums, air pods, lanterns, a Keurig, banana, bike pump, stuffed animals, you name it. Kommander Karl has 3.4 million followers on Tiktok and 700k subsribers on Youtube! When he isn't on social media, he is taking care of his kids with his wife and working on the Postal video game series! 

Good Vibes Movement Interview - Creative Freedom Universe: Ep. 2

In this episode of the Creative Freedom Universe podcast, Nathaniel is joined by Ben Spellman, the founder of Good Vibes Movement (GVM). An organization providing resources, support & enrichment to the people of Des Moines. In a world where the word “community” is now hijacked, GVM is serving a truly diverse community citywide. They are in some ways the “heart and soul” of Des Moines. GVM is bringing its multi-faceted vision to life through diversified Programs. All programming conducted is focused on the individuals to grow a strong and positive community.

Your Scumbag Dad Interview - Creative Freedom Universe: Ep. 1 

“Your ScumBag Dad” (actual name Brad Podray), oversees a TikTok page (@thescumbagdad) with 5.7 million followers and a YouTube channel (@yourscumbagdad) with over 3.5 million subscribers! 

He currently resides in Iowa with his wife Hannah (@meoweyoface) and their baby (@zevwolf). 

Brad created a character he calls: Your ScumBag Dad, serving as a dark satire on influencers. “Kindness content” is the newest trend of a list of trends that he pokes fun at when he sees an opportunity. Faking a video for views is cringe, but staging content to make yourself the “hero” at the expense of people in disadvantaged situations is straight up wrong. Your “Scumbag Dad” was formed as an response of sorts, to spread awareness around bad-taste influencer content by parodying the fake videos with a dark humor approach. 

 The Singularity Booth Ep. 2

 In episode 2 of The Singularity Booth series, your hosts Nathaniel and Zach talk about aliens, Breaking Bad, Ufologists, meeting celebrities, comedians, recent memories, Jeffrey Epstein and more!

Legible breaks down his debut album: Isolation - The Singularity Booth Ep. 1

Journey into the mind of midwest rapper Legible; as he unpacks his debut album: Isolation.

The project, which took 3 years to put together and consists of 13 tracks, serves as a lyrical self-reflection of sorts. Themes of partying, depression, loneliness, suicide, drug use and Isolation are heavily explored throughout the album.